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NLP: Quickly getting confidence back

Recently I met Maya. She was curious if I can help her with few long-standing challenges. Maya wanted to fix three things, lack of confidence, decision-making and self-esteem. Maya was an engineer by profession. She was working in a multinational and her career was average. She also mentioned that she has insomnia and she takes sleeping pill every day.
Maya had few interesting behaviors. It was very difficult for her to say ‘No’ to her friends and relatives. She did not want to take any step in case there are unknowns. It was very difficult for her to make any decisions. It is interesting to see a person whose age is 35+ does not want to make any decisions.
Many times behaviors and beliefs are influenced by childhood experiences. It is very important to free the person from such beliefs to be natural. While talking to her I realized that the roots of her behavior are in her childhood.
Based on discussion with her, I decided to take her through time trajectory. It was interesting to know that she had many instances where she was forced to accept other’s decisions. When I made her walk through all of them, she was able to release impact of many past events one by one. It took more than 3 hours to come to present and peek into the future. After the process was complete, she felt light and relaxed.
In next 15 days, she confirmed that she feels confidant, and able to make decisions better. She also realized that she can say no to people and can even explain her intentions better.
She had faced some experiences that she were not comfortable sharing with anyone. Due to this, she was also scared to see a counsellor. Good thing about NLP is, NLP is not interested in the content. Even though I walked her through time, I did not tell her to elaborate even a single experience.
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