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Contents of my book “Eva and Shiva”

        My first book was for astrologers but this one is for Everyone. It tells about Indian culture and scientific aspects of it. It discusses how Indians developed sciences. It explains why Indian culture has Idol worship and much more.
  1. The Purpose
  2. The Eva
  3. Indian cosmology
  4. Solar system & Monsoon
  5. Indian concept of time
  6. Evolution and Dhashavathara
  7. Indian method of developing life sciences
  8. Application of sciences
  9. Indian typology for evolution
  10. The food
  11. The language
  12. The plant
  13. The holy cow
  14. Festivals
  15. Indian culture and Multiple Intelligence Theory
  16. Diversity in Indian culture
  17. The concept of god
  18. Multiple Intelligence Theory and idol worship
  19. Yoga Suthra, Bhagvadhgeetha and modern science
  20. What is next?
  21. The Eva once again

        I am confident that this book will answer many of your questions and shall offer a fresh perspective. 
        The book is available in Indian sub continents for Rs. 190 on amazon.in and digital copy is available on Google Play.


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