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Astrological analysis of Mr. Narendra Modi Part 1

From this post, I plan to analyze notable horoscopes. One of the most popular personalities today is India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. From a tea seller to a Chief Minister of state and from there to Prime Minister of the country is an unbelievable journey that very few could even imagine. We may look at his horoscope to understand a bit about it.

We will analyze horoscopes from following 4 perspectives. 
1.Combinations in the horoscope and the nature of the person
2. Yogas in the horoscope and material success
3.Timing of major events
4.Future predictions

This being a first part we will discuss about nature of Mr. Modi.
Date of Birth: Sunday, September 17, 1950
Time of Birth: 11:00:00 AM
Place of Birth: Mehsana
Longitude: 72 E 28
Latitude: 23 N 3
Time Zone: 5.5
        Many people think Mr. Modi’s birth time 11:00 AM and few feel that it is 12:09 PM. After rectification, I could confirm that it is 10:56 AM

When we look at any horoscope, we may look at it from multiple perspectives. One perspective is to predict the future and another one is to learn from the horoscope. Today I plan to analyze horoscope of Mr. Narendra Modi from the perspective of learning. We shall also discuss about the future of Mr. Modi in coming days.
Mr. Modi’s horoscope is important in multiple perspectives. The most important aspect is Rajayogas or combinations for power. Second aspect is Neechabhanga Rajayoga in Mr. Modi’s horoscope. I also plan to cover the nature and behavior of Mr. Modi. All the concepts used to analyze the horoscope of Mr. Modi are explained at length in my Book ‘Untold Vedic Astrology’.
Basic Combinations
More planets are in visible half of the horoscope indicating that Mr. Modi is inclined towards business or independent profession. Ascendant and Moon sign both are Scorpio. Therefore, he is typical Scorpio person. Scorpio people are naturally sarcastic. You may find this in Mr. Modi’s speeches. Scorpions are also very good at diplomacy and they deal with political people well. Moon-Mars combination in ascendant is an indication of good understanding of business trading. Mars being in own house suggests practical approach in creative ideas. Jupiter in fourth house is indication of a good-hearted and spiritual person and Moon-Mars combination in ascendant suggests Maa Durga. Jupiter is retrograde and therefore very strong. Venus in 10th indicates profession with glamour. Venus in Leo indicates government and administration.
Note that five planets occupy three quadrants i.e. Dharma, Aartha and Moksha. Seventh house is vacant, seventh (spouse) and twelfth (intercourse) Venus who also signifies marriage is with Saturn a dispassionate planet.
The horoscope has exalted Mercury, which is retrograde and combust. Saturn is also combust and on Bhava Sandhi. This makes it very weak.
Sun-Saturn association gives ability to a person to look at things from two opposite perspectives. Sun being ahead of Saturn suggests introverted nature. Sun Saturn and Mercury in eleventh give good understanding of finance.

In next part, we will learn about various Yoga their implications in Mr. Modi’s horoscope.


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