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Astrological analysis of Mr. Narendra Modi Part 2

Date of Birth: Sunday, September 17, 1950
Time of Birth: 11:00:00 AM
Place of Birth: Mehsana
Longitude: 72 E 28
Latitude: 23 N 3
Time Zone: 5.5

        Many people think Mr. Modi’s birth time 11:00 AM and few feel that it is 12:09 PM. After rectification, I could confirm that it is 10:56 AM
In this post, I plan to discuss various Yoga in Mr. Modi’s horoscope.
The first is Neechabhanga Rajayoga or cancellation of debility. Many astrologers wonder if Neechabhanga is possible for Scorpio. Mr.Modi’s horoscope is best example of Neechabhanga Rajayoga for Scorpio Moon. In this case, ascendant lord, Mars and ninth lord Moon are in ascendant. Lords of quadrant and trine are together causing a Rajayoga. The Moon is in Scorpio that is her debilitated sign and occupies ascendant. This fulfills first requirement of Neechabhanga Rajayoga. Mars the owner of Scorpio is in ascendant (a quadrant). This fulfills second requirement of Neechabhanga Rajayoga. As you might be aware, third requirement is not applicable to Moon. This is a solid Neechanbganga Rajayoga creating a religious ruler. You may find detailed information about NeechaBhanga Rajayoga in my Book ‘Untold Vedic Astrology’. Jupiter and Venus cause another strong Rajayoga. Seventh lord Venus and fifth lord Jupiter are in Kendra opposite to each other. This is certainly another Rajayoga. Rahu in 5th house adds strength to this combination. Jupiter is retrograde strengthening the combination. These two combinations cover three quadrants and both the Trines.

Over and beyond this, eleventh house needs additional attention. Exalted Mercury, which is retrograde and combust along with Saturn suggests very good business relationships. The same Mercury with Kethu suggests relationship with people who have knowledge of traditional sciences. Mercury is driving combinations with all other planets. This combination is also important because 10th and 11th lords are in eleventh house along with 4th lord.

This is very brief analysis of Major Yoga in horoscope of Mr. Modi. In next post, we shall learn about timing of events in Mr. Modi’s horoscope. You may read first part of this post here.


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