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Contents of my next upcoming book: Vedic Math for 8th class

Mathematics is a tricky subject. Those who love, enjoy it much and those who don’t, feel it’s boring. I lost interest in mathematics while in 7th class. Based on whatever I remember, it was mainly due lack of understanding of negative numbers. By nature, I am kinaesthetic person and therefore I refuse to accept anything unless understood thoroughly. Generally just memorization doesn’t work for me and the same thing happened about multiplication of negative numbers. Our teacher presented them as rules and I refused to accept them at face value. One year later my cousin grandfather started living with us and he had great interest in teaching. Moreover, his concepts in mathematics were extremely clear and he could answer all my crazy questions. This retriggered my interest in mathematics. The whole journey was so joyful that I wish everyone get a grandfather like him who is at home to help with fundamental questions in studies.
Later, when I was in 9th I was introduced to Vedic Math by my close friend. At that time I thoroughly enjoyed it and started using it to an extend where I totally forgot methods taught in the school. Couple of years back I started taking courses in Vedic Math and I repeatedly received questions about relevance of the course in school. Even though these methods cannot be directly used in school today, some of the methods are being included in school curriculum and therefore I decided to author books as per the curriculum.
        When I started thinking about developing books as per the curriculum, next question was which board to follow. After a bit of research I got to know that CBSE is most popular board in India and therefore I decided to develop Vedic Math books for CBSE curriculum. Finally, I had a choice of developing books from class I and I decided to develop the first book for class VIII. Class VIII is foundation for board exams and therefore I felt this is right time to start strengthening our knowledge, skills and abilities.
               The structure of the book and sequence of the syllabus is not the same and it is intentional. The book is divided into two sections. Section I is to learn basic principles and section II is for application of principles. Section I is mostly to explain the procedure and it is important to refer section II to confirm that concepts are understood and ability to apply concepts has been developed.
        The book is designed in such a way that all required methods from Vedic math are covered here and the student need not refer to any other book to learn the basics. Secondly numbers (data) are represented in pictorial format or charts wherever appropriate. This certainly simplifies the learning.
        I have explained principles wherever relevant. This shall help the pupil to understand them further and apply them confidently. In the curriculum of 8th class, algebraic identities are covered and they shall help the pupil to learn how some of the arithmetic formulae were derived. This also gives them opportunity to derive, add their own derivations to simplify things further.
Below are the contents of the book.



Introduction to Vedic Math

Digit sum and checking answers

Argumental division

Representing data in pictorial format

Divisibility checks, factorisation and HCF

Square and square root

Cube and cube root

Basic operations on algebraic terms

Factorization of polynomials

Algebraic division

Rational numbers

Linear equations in one variable

Exponents and powers

Ratio and percentage

Direct and inverse proportion

Area, perimeter and volume

I assure you that students will enjoy the book. If you are in Indian subcontinents, we will send the book by post. For everyone else e-book is available. The price of the book is Rs. 350 (Including Postage) for Indian subcontinent. Paperback will be available on Instamojo and digital copy will be available on Google Play.

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