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Our culture wants us to preserve this for coming generations!

Just last month I visited our native place and I recollected my childhood because of the things that I saw there. Most of the things are now outdated and our coming generations may not even get to know about them unless we preserve them proudly. We want to take care and preserve all the items mentioned below for coming generations and this blog is just in remembrance of our childhood. I am showcasing a picture below and offering a brief description for those who aren’t aware of the gadgets in the picture. I thought Gudi Padwa is a very good occasion to share this with all of you.

This is called Laath. This is used to make rice flakes or poha. Even today my uncle makes Poha using this Lath twice every year. During Diwali poha made from fresh rice on Laath is offered to the god. Laath is also used to grind spices.
Above vessel is made from a stem of a large jack fruit tree. It is used to store natural sea salt throughout the year. If salt is stored in metal containers then the containers corrode and therefore thick wooden containers are used to store natural sea salt.

This is a chool, choolha or a fire stove. However, this is not used to cook food but to perform Vaishwadev. In my last post we discussed Vaishwadev and you may read more about Vaishwadev here.
This is a wheel on the well. A rope is passed through this and it is used to pull water from the well.
This is wet grinder. It is used to grind dosa batter and wet coconut chatni. Parts displayed below are used to grind various batters.
Below grinder is a dry grinder and used to create flour of various grains for example rice flour, wheat flour. 
Below is a typical permanent setup to heat water for bath every day. This is a typical fire place with a vessel on it.

Banana leaves are used as a plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After food is eaten, the banana leaves are fed to cattle. This is an ideal zero footprint mechanism!

I am curious if some of you recollected your childhood memories. Feel free to comment and share with more people if you think this shall be preserved for coming generations. Show it to your kids and other family members. Happy Indian New year and good wishes for coming year. Let's have a joyful, prosperous and cultural year.


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