Successful identification of underground water source

I generally stay away from publishing my success stories and this is because every case is unique. This one is very different and important.
Long ago, when I was in college, I used to visit a spiritual personality out of curiosity. During one of his visits he taught me a method to identify underground water sources. I very rarely used this method. Few years ago, my uncle wanted to dig a well and so I suggested him a place for digging a well. He started digging a well but due to some reason he couldn’t complete it. Last year my cousin reached out to me for the same reason and when I analyzed same place once again, underground water map was totally changed. Finally, we identified a spot with enough water.
         As a natural next step digging of the well started and after 15 meters, they found a small water stream. On further digging they could find 2 more bigger streams of water and now the well has more than 16 feet of water level even in summer. It took more than 3 hours to empty this well.
         This was important for them because for almost 75 years they faced many challenges related to water and spent lot of money to dig a well. It was important for me because underground water map totally changed over the period of time.
Please find below pictures of this well to get a feel of the work.

Upper rings are more in diameter than lower rings

Smaller inner rings. This was done to take care of due to softer soil. You may observe wet soil in the periphery.

         To be successful we did many things. First was to identify a spot. Second was to test it with astrology, then my uncle took a nod from their family goddess to dig a well and finally we identified a good time (Muhurt) to start the work. I thank all the energies to be supportive for such an important work because total cost of digging a well was few lakhs of rupees.


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