Vedic Math Foundation (Basic Arithmetic)

Indian culture has proven their unique scientific approaches, to real life problems, that work even in today’s world; may it be Yoga, Ayurveda, Astronomy or Vedic Maths, the latest one. Vedic maths is a way of doing maths in a mental and most fundamental way and so it is natural to us and faster than conventional approach. Being mental and faster it is helpful in competitive exams and in school exams. It also helps in the development of your child by improving mathematical/logical intelligence. We are starting Vedic maths foundation course that will help in improving basic concepts in math and in mastering arithmetic. This is going to help your child forever in his life. This course duration is 3 months(2 hours every week). The course fees of the course are Rs. 4000 and it is suitable to children older than 9 years. You may make the payment here and enroll for the course. 
Call 7719926102 or email: as more questions come to your mind.

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