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Buy Books Directly From Us

We encourage you to buy directly from us for the following reasons. Benefits 1. Very Good Quality and Eco-Friendly Packaging (Shock Proof and Liquid Proof) 2. Option to Ship by Speed Post or Courier 3. Exclusive access to Videos on the basics of Vedic Astrology. Procedure to Buy the Most Appropriate Books for You 1. Visit 2. Select the Books you would like to Buy 3. Visit Google Play Books and Read the Preview of the Books. 4. If you like the Digital Copy you may buy it on Google Play Books, Scribd, Apple Store, or Kindle. 5. If you like the Print Copies you may Directly Order them from Here ( 6. International Shipping: We only sell the entire set of Printed Books outside India due to the cost of Shipping. You may reach out to us for international orders at +91 7719926102. International books are shipped in a carton. Courier Charges for International Shipping can be calculated Here  ( https://web