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Healthy Dahi Appe

Healthy Dahi Appe (Substitute for fried dahi wada) Today we are going to make dahi appe a healthy alternative to Dahi Wada. What is Dahi Vada : It is Indian snacks item, starter or cold appetizer. Dahi vadas are lentil (split black gram without skin) based savory balls. These balls are deep fried and put in water, then served with cold thick beaten yogurt. What is Appe: Appes are crisp round savory balls which is popular south Indian snacks. Healthy Dahi Appe is a twist given to recipe of appe that my mother makes for breakfast along with coconut chutney. In this recipe we are not going to deep fry the vada’s and still have same taste. Let’s get started. Ingredients: 1 cup urad dal (split black gram without skin) 1.5 cup roasted soji rawa (semolina) 1 big bowl curd (approximately 5 cups) 1 green chilly finely chopped 2-3 red chilies 1 teaspoon grated ginger 4-5 curry leaves Tablespoon of sugar ½ teaspoon mustard seeds 1 tablesp

Tomato Bottle Guard Coriander Soup

Hello everyone, hope you all are enjoying the series of healthy and tasty recipes. Today let’s prepare something for winter evening, a yummy soup to fill your tummy. I am going to use bottle guard  for this recipe along with tomato . Making my daughter to eat bottle guard was a challenge and this soup made it easier. You can have this soup along with whole wheat bread toast for dinner. Following quantity of ingredients will serve for two Ingredients: 1.    2-3 red tomatoes cut into pieces 2.    1 cup bottle guard pieces 3.    Water as required 4.    3-4 pepper corns 5.    1 teaspoon sugar 6.    Salt as required 7.    Teaspoon of butter/ghee 8.    1/4 th cup finely chopped coriander 9.    1 red chilly 10. Pinch of asafoetida Method:         1.  Take 2-3 tomatoes, wash them and cut them into big pieces         2.  Take bottle guard, remove skin and cut into big pieces         3.  Add tomatoes and bottle guard pieces into presser cooker         4. 

Red millet crepe (Ragi Dosa)

Hello all, welcome to another session of healthy and tasty recipe series. Today’s recipe is ragi (red millet) special. Ragi is rich in sodium and protein and it's very easy to digest. This is a very low fat cereal. In my childhood we used to have ragi bhakari(bread) regularly in our diet, but nowadays ragi is not part of grocery list for many of us. Let’s make something interesting from ragi. Red millet crepe (  Ragi Dosa) Ingredients: (This quantity of ingredients will make around 8-10 dosas) 1.   1 1/2 cup ragi flour 2.   ½ cup urad dal ( split black gram without skin ) soaked overnight and mashed into a smooth paste 3.   2 tablespoon rice flour (Optional) 4.   ½ cup plain curd 5.   Water as required 6.   Oil as required 7.   Salt as per taste   Method: 1.   Mix ragi flour, urad dal paste,curd and salt. 2.  Add water as required to make a dosa batter as shown below.         3.  Make sure it shouldn't consist lumps; mix well with

Pumpkin Indian Bread (Lal bhopalyachi bhakri)

From this week onwards will go on tour to visit varieties of food from different parts of India that shall be part of our life style. Food and health are inseparable part of joy and we have been experimenting on healthy food for quite a while now. I always used to wonder, how come every tasty dish is not very healthy and we started experimenting to find healthy and tasty dishes. Of course we came up with our own list and you may like many of them as you try. Being busy in some other priority project that I will present in front of you all in few days; we thought of starting this series and my personal Thanks to Kalyani, my better half for accepting my request without any hesitation. Over to Kalyani. I am going to share dishes that is tried and tested (tasted as well :) ) in my kitchen and found interesting, healthy and nutritious. Today we will prepare a very healthy recipe made of pumpkin i.e. pumpkin bread or Bhakri. As some of you might be aware pumpkin is rich in vitamin