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The Daughter!

You say anything She will ask how
You ask to do it later  She wants to do it now
You show her parrot She wants to see a cow
You want to do her neatly She will finish it somehow
You ask her to sing She will not open mouth
When you prefer silence She always loves to shout
When you don't allow She wants to play
You wear her a white She plays in a clay
When you make a kheer She wants to have a cake
She prefers dal and roti and you are in a mood to bake
She will not laugh  If you tell something funny
You say its very cold and She will call it's sunny
She puts her demands When you are too kind
You scold her badly  and She will never mind

Don't overburden her Otherwise She will shake

She is your child  Not a model to make Be like her friend Be like her guide
Be her secret keeper and She will never tempt to hide
Be an example of what you want her to do
Lets make a fresh start  by pressing button undo
She is fast paced learner She has super brain
Now its your turn  that how you wa…