Basic Course on Vedic Astrology (Free)

Many readers have been asking very basic concepts in Vedic Astrology. I have written so much of content before and I thought of creating a free course for my viewers. Kindly go through the course and enjoy the learnings.

  1. What is a Horoscope?
  2. What is rationale behind Astrology?
  3. Branches Of Indian Astrology
  4. Indian Concept of Time
  5. Detailed Explanation of 'Adhika masa' (intercalary month), 'tithi' or 'paksha'
  6. Charakhandas and Rasinamas (Duration of sign)
  7. How to calculate Sunrise and Sunset
  8. Calculation of Ascendant or Lagna
  9. Bhava Calculation or Calculation of Cusps
  10. Calculation of Vimshottari Dasa
  11. Planetary Strengths or Graha Bala
  12. Saptavargaja Bala
  13. How to read north Indian style horoscope
  14. If twins have same horoscopes why they don’t have exactly same life?
  15. Are planetary combinations inherited like genes?
  16. Astrology in Names and can some name be lucky or unlucky!!!
  17. Shall we really consider Vaastu compliance and is Vaastu compliance more important than horoscope?
  18. Get best out of three and half Muhurtas in Indian calendar Part 1
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