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1. Creative Math Program
Math can be interesting if played, acted or crafted. It shall be taught in such manner to kids so that they can enjoy it. Even though math is created by humans it is everywhere around us and if we feel it then it can be a part of our daily life. This book follows similar method to teach basic math. It teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a fun way through acting, drawing and craft that all of us can enjoy. You may call 07719926102 or send an email to gaurishb@gmail.com.

2. Vedic Math Foundation Program

Indians have proven their unique scientific approaches to real life problems and they work even in today’s world. Take examples of Yoga, Ayurveda, Astronomy and Vedic Math. Vedic Math is a way of doing Math in a mental and most fundamental way and so it is natural to us and faster than conventional approach. Being mental and faster, it is helpful in competitive exams and in school exams. It also helps in the development of a child by improving mathematical/logical intelligence. This course will help in improving basic concepts in math and in mastering arithmetic. This is going to help your child forever in his life. This course duration is 3 months(2 hours every week). The course fees of the course are Rs. 4000 and it is suitable to children older than 9 years. You may make the payment here and enroll for the course. 

Call 7719926102 or email: gaurishb@gmail.com as more questions come to your mind.

3. NLP Foundations - Weekend Seminar

        In today’s corporate world, have you ever wondered how to grow by at extraordinary pace and are you not interested in connecting better with people? How many times did you think you wanted to be happier and would you like to achieve something really big? Is there anything in your life that you would like to completely change?
There might be many ways that achieve this and if you want a change at miraculously faster pace you shall join this seminar.
        What happened last time you stood in front of a group or when you attended an interview? What happened last time when you met one of your most difficult clients? Were you at your best? How can you make interaction with people most effective and build long term relationships in a fast paced world?
        How to deal with your emotions at crucial times? How to change you past experiences into long term assets and how to wipe of bad experiences that hog you for long? How to remember things that you usually forget?
        How to know what you really want? How to achieve something that you really want? How to know if you have achieved what you want? How to fast forward your progress?
        If you are looking for the answers of one or many of these questions or would you like to just explore NLP, you may join me of a weekend seminar.
Course Fees: Rs. 5000 Only
Course fees does not include lunch or refreshments. Training hours are approx. 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.
Venue: Baner, Pune
Call 7719926102 or email gaurishb@gmail.com


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